Добавете всичките си проекти и задачи, по които работят служители ви. Така ще знаете кой служител върху какъв проект е работил, колко време му е трябвало да свърши задачите си. Чрез проследяването на работата на вашите служители вие ще знаете, ако някой от служителите ви се спрява по – добре и по – бързо от останалите, ще можете да го наградите за положените услия чрез премия или повишение


В системата на My-dox имате възможност да давате задачи на служителите си за ваше максимално улеснение.Всеки служител има възможност, след като влезе в програмата на My-dox да види задачите си за деня/седмицата и да отблелязва свършените задачи. Така ще можете да изведете справка за точното време,в което са работили Вашите служители и колко време им отнема да приключат с дадените им задачи.

Wide variety of documents  

Create easy and fast contracts, invoices, protocols, offers and etc. with My-dox.

Documents are important part of every company, no matter what they do, or event the size of the it. That’s why My-dox has it's own editor, similar to Word, but also templates for every document, accompany your business.

Variety of interfaces
Not only fast documents creation, but with My-dox you can also change the visualization style of your documents and many other options.

Raising the sales

As we mentioned earlier, the subject of your business itself is not that important, because no matter if you sale goods and services you’ll add a commercial documents.

The tradings are important, that’s why My-dox has a wide variety of tools with which you can sale effectively. You can group them by a couple of ways:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Price and order price
  • Barcode
  • Storage and many more


My-dox has integrated CRM system. To reach max sales you need an effective communication and responsiveness.

  • Export/transfer
    • My-dox supports related documents ( for example: to contract can be related protocols, offers, invoices and other documents) to specific projec
    • You can export documents to Microsoft Excel and pictures
    • You can transfer documents and all the stock in it to other commercial accounts in the system
  • Make your clients feel special with ours:
    • Templates for events and holidays
    • Greeting cards – for Christmas and New Year’s holidays, birthdays and Name days
    • Notification for upcoming promotions, discounts, etc.
    • Messages/templates for the last added documents
  • Encrypt
    • Trough yours unique certificate and signature signed by My-dox certificate you are able to crypt your documents, To do list and To do Notes. The only one who can decrypt the encrypted documents, notes and messages would be you and the people who has authorization. By the encryption you will be able to hide your files, messages and notes from outsiders.
  • The encrypt can happen in two ways:
    • With certificate
    • With finger print which is additional option

Holding managing

My-dox has reliable system trough which you can maintain sales in many online channels and agents. My-dox gives you option for interface for channel manager, that way you will define availability and prices to every single site, who is your partner, fast and easy! Trough the channel manager you are able to control the quantity and prices of goods, you have a freedom to change the quantity and prices for specific or for all internet partners.


My-dox monitors your inventory. With default values of quantity, My-dox monitors the quantity of the goods live. If some of the goods has low quantity My-dox will immediately notify you in the system and via email so you can react on time. With our storage platform you can find out if there is necessity of more quantity of the product, and the request to the providers happen exclusively easy and fast!

MY-DOX - Accounting


Trough my-dox you can easy create documents (contracts, invoices, protocols, offers and etc.), change colors and templates in which they appears. Even Though My-dox has pre-defined templates, which you can use to create documents in no time.


Simple summarised invoices to be paid and already paid. Very simple paying process via paypal, credit cards and etc.

Online payments

With My-dox you can monitor your payments, profits and losses of the company. All of the cash flow by a projects – the costs incurred by him, the obligations to costumers ( how money they owes you). Also reference by diagrams and balances.

Payment notification

My–dox is monitoring your payments, which you make and notify you with message for your future payments. With My-dox you’ll never going to miss a payment again!

The notification can be send:

  • via SMS
  • via Viber
  • via e-mail


The partners are your providers, clients and employees to whom you can make payments, takings, etc. The request to the providers are far as few clicks.

You can send them an email automatically from the system, to export files and transfer goods, documents to other company, provider or client.

n our system you can make fast and easy Orders directly to your Supliers

Successfully manage employees

My-dox has integrated module for human resource management. Your employees are also users in the software who owns unique username and password, which are define by you. According to the access rights, which you defined, each employee has a different access to the program which includes documents of the company and the references.

Most of the ERP software\'s doesn\’t have their own module for salaries and work together with other software’s companies which provide it. We have own module for salaries, where you can add the salary and the deductions ( fine, non-appearance, phone, etc.) to your employees. The references can be displayed in a couple of ways:

  • by date
  • by employee
  • by a project
  • by an advance

Automation processes

Take advantage of the automation production processes! Plan your production with our tools, analyse the cost of every single one product, give tasks and assignments to your employees and track their performence.

With My-dox\'s tools you can check the quality of the product, and return it to the Maintance to be fixed, before it goes to the market.

References and analysis

To predict the decline in sales and to increase the profit, you need proven system trough which you can monitor and analysis. My-dox owes a wide variety of filters, which helps you to display only the reports for the desired unit.

  • Work and obligations to employee
  • Projects / Assignments
  • Obligations to providers
  • Takings from clients and etc.